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A Graduate from Seneca College in Toronto, Chef Harry started his career in 1977 by just helping out in a Pizza Parlor in Toronto, Canada. The interest then generated and made him to pursue a career in Food preparation and presentation.
Working in various Restaurants and Hotels around the world, mainly United Kingdom, Canada, U.S.A., India and Ghana, made Chef Harry very versatile in the tastes of different palates and various cultural appreciation of Food.
By 1984, Chef Harry, after working in Restaurants in Canada and the U.S., chose to direct his full attention to Indian Cuisine, developing, creating, and mastering a style of his own.
He then went on further to develop his skills of working under a high-pressure environment in the United Kingdom.
In the pursuit of developing his Creative Culinary skills, Chef Harry worked under Master Chefs in the Taj Intercontinental in Bombay for three years.
In 1990 Chef Harry, opened the first multi-cuisine Restaurant in Ghana, which he later sold to a multinational fast food chain, and concentrated on Creative Indian Cuisine by having the sole in-charge of the Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Ghana.
This gave him avenues to explore in Creating authentic Indian cuisine suited to individual tastes, and he created the Indian Italian Pasta combination for Rita Marley, and the now very famous Tandoori Turkey for the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.
From very mildly spiced sauces to the very hot curries, Chef Harry is a master in combining the spices to that perfect authentic taste, keeping in mind the choice of the one hes preparing the Dish for.
Working and preparing buffets for International Festivals in Hotels, is a specialty of Chef Harry. He enjoys combining the various ethnic cuisines and has very often drawn large crowds of Food lovers.
Preparing Cuisines for different cultures has been a delight for Chef Harry, as he has done that by preparing Buffets for many different Foreign Delegates and Embassies in Ghana.
The British Consulate, The American Embassy, The United Nations, The Swiss School, German Development Agencies, The Japanese Consulate, among others, are all attestations to his famous Buffets.
He has the proven ability to lead effective catering, event planning, or convention services. His ability to work under high-pressure and to multi task effectively, has made him even more versatile in his creative skills.
In a single sentence, Chef Harry is a culinary innovator known for producing top quality and creative authentic Delicacies.