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Combining a medley of Chicken, Vegetables, Meats, Seafood, is often thought of as a simple procedure, but it isnt.
Each delicacy has to blend with the other and compliment it as well, and yet should be far different in taste than other delicacies prepared in the same Buffet.
A buffet has to be colorful, and the presentation of each delicacy has to be different. Each delicacy has a story of its own, a history of its own and Chef Harry tells the story so well with his creations.
Right from age old Nawabi delicacy of Lucknow, to the famous Biryanis of Hyderabad, from the konkan shores of Goa, the Dhaba delicacies of North India, to the Street food of the famous city of Bombay, Chef Harry in his own versatile way of Creation, presents to you a sample of one of his famous Mixed Buffets.
Chef Harry in his creations, has always kept the taste, the style of his clients in his mind and creates each delicacy to perfection.
You can contact Chef Harry on 0244 - 37 44 29 to organize, plan and book your Buffets.
We will bring our Chafing Dishes, clay oven, etc. and set up a piping Hot Buffet at the venue of your choice.

We can modify the Menus to suit your tastes at no extra charge.
Gosht Lucknowi(Lamb Curry Lucknowi)
Cooked in a creamy curry, these tender pieces of boneless Lamb blended with authentic mild spices form the perfect curry, that is mild, aromatic and yet full of taste. Eaten with Naan (taditional Indian Bread), the creation of this Curry originates from the times of the Nawabs of Lucknow.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Formerly known as Murgh Mussalam (Chicken Masala), and the favorite of the bygone Bollywood stars, these succulent pieces of Chicken Breast, marinated in yogurt and mild spices and kept overnite, are then grilled in a Tandoor (clay oven) and then cooked in a mild spiced Curry. This delicacy has varied many times over the decades to suit climates in countries that it is being prepared in.
Goanese Fish Curry
Tender cubes of boneless Fish, cooked in a creamy curry, also known as malai(creamy). Originating from the shores of Goa, this delicacy has that tangy taste which is so famous of that region. Cooked with mild spices, and cardamoms, its said that the catch of the day would be cooked in two styles. Either vindaloo or the (Malai) creamy style.
Daal Tarkaa
Made from Lentils, this delicacy has a very special effect. Just before it is served, a whole lot of garlic is fried(process known as tarkaa) and poured into it and mixed.
Vegetable Biryani
A very famous concoction of cooked vegetables and served in layers of colorful rice. The creation of a good Biryani is an art.
Watch and enjoy one of our chefs preparing hot buttered naans and rotis for your buffet
Mint Chutney and Spicy Chutney as accompaniments to your buffet.
Mixed Fruit Salad
A medley of mixed fresh fruit to form that perfect completion to your buffet.