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Fresh and tender boneless cubes of Lamb, succulent pieces of Chicken Breasts, best choices of Beef, all these go into the preparation of the Non-Vegetarian Buffet.
Chef Harry makes sure that all meats are Halal.
Chef Harry creates each delicacy to your choice of taste and offers to you the best of his various creations. His buffets, each of them a simple but yet master creation, has won reviews from all of his clients.
Below is just one of his very simple Buffet preparations.
Chef Harry makes sure that he gives to you the best quality, cooked with fresh mild spices, at very reasonable and affordable prices.
You can call Chef Harry on 0244 - 37 44 29 to organize, plan and book your Buffets.
We will bring our Chafing Dishes, clay oven, etc. and set up a piping Hot Buffet at the venue of your choice.

We can modify the Menus to suit your tastes at no extra charge.
Chicken Curry
Succulent pieces of boneless Chicken cooked in an authentic mild Curry and served with accompaniments of chopped tomatoes, onions and ground nuts.
Hyderabadi Lamb Curry
Boneless pieces of tender Lamb, cooked in the traditional Andhra style Curry.
Karai Beef
Tender cubes of boneless Beef, marinated in yogurt overnite, and cooked in a mild Old Delhi style Curry with capsicums, onions, and tomatoes.
Cucumber Raita
Cucumber and Onions mixed with Yogurt and mild spices to form an excellent accompaniment.
Pilaf Rice
Saffron colored Rice cooked with mild curry spices.
Watch and enjoy one of our chefs preparing hot buttered naans and rotis for your buffet
Mint Chutney and Spicy Chutney as accompaniments to your buffet.
Mixed Fruit Salad
A medley of mixed fresh fruit to form that perfect completion to your buffet.